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News Release: 5/4/2017

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May 04, 2017

I am enrolled in Coldwell Banker Commercial’s National “Emerging Broker Training” Program and it lasts for 100 days. After the initial startup phase, we were tasked with bi-weekly Web based conferences with each one concluding with a field work assignment. 

Our current project is titled Personal Marketing.  Marketing has certainly changed over the past decade.  With the intervention of Smart phones, Social Media, LinkedIn and YouTube videos have now taken up a major portion of the effort people apply to marketing real estate.  Simply put, if you don’t participate, you are behind the times.  Commercial Real Estate is no exception to the rule.  My last EBT assignment required me to drill down on my own social media pages and profiles as well as update my bio.  All the exercises proved to be helpful and certainly worth doing.  If you aren’t doing a little online “research” on someone you are going to meet, you will not be prepared to have a meaningful conversation or a positive first impression.  Resumes and Profiles are a great way to learn about not only what someone does professionally, but even some of their personal side.  Consider this a new way of doing things.  Your ability to post and update your personal information is vital to marketing success.

Before you label me “Captain Obvious” from the Hotels.com commercials, let me explain that my point is to remember what is important about marketing and selling and that is YOU.  How many times have you called a large bank, credit card company or other personal service industry only to be extremely frustrated by automated answering service.  What you desire it to talk to a person who may empathize with your current situation and what you get is a robot who is incapable of helping you.  We cringe at sitting on hold for the duration of our lunch break only to be no closer to solving our problems.  Many have chosen to move away from automation and let you talk to a person.  They’ve even gone so far as to make that a focal point of an advertising campaign. 

My real estate mentor uses the saying “face to face and belly to belly”.  There is no substitute for authentic communication when it comes to selling real estate.  Your willingness to take a phone call, have a conversation and set up a meeting are critical to success.  I’ve heard that real estate is your rolodex…who even has a rolodex anymore?  But we know what that means; a rolodex was a list of contacts who are willing to engage with you.  People who know and trust you.  Real relationships.  While social media and online promotions can help with initial contacts, the next step must be the authentic style of communication that people still crave.  As a commercial real estate broker, I specialize in making this type of communication a priority.  Developing relationships and working hard for my clients is what I’m all about.

Sam Kline


Sam Kline, Broker
sam.kline@cbcmeca.com, (304) 777-7886

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